Sentence length helps with pace

Listen to the people around you and watch television. When we argue aggressively we tend to use short sentences. The words are thrown together in outbursts without a huge amount of consideration. When we are having a discussion, we build in more pauses so that we can assemble our thoughts before we utter them. Angry READ MORE


Well, that’s that then. It’s all over. At last. Tomorrow life begins again. Every minute of every test match as it happens, uninterrupted. Day after day. Every ball, every wicket, every run. Lunch at lunch, tea at tea. Supper at close of play. Every drop of rain and second of bad light. Bliss. The perfect READ MORE


Five hours he’d stood there, five. He’d moved around nonchalantly at first. Made tea for them both, albeit awkwardly. He’d successfully emptied the shopping bag after he’d decided bending down to remove the contents wasn’t going to work and he had heaved it on to the table in an ungainly fashion. He immediately wished he’d READ MORE

U turns or not

Governments get criticised for U turns, which is not always fair. Sometimes things change so quickly in this world that you may be obliged to change policies on the fly. What is not acceptable is a lack of planning. When we decide to replace our kitchen, we think about it well in advance. We probably READ MORE