While we are encouraged to 'show, don't tell' and build pace and mood into our dialogue, sometimes there is just
It was fog. It was a very, very dense fog. London had not experienced such a pea-souper since the 1950s
My natural inclination is to be shy, some might say withdrawn. Shyness puts you on the edge, the periphery, and
It doesn’t do to dwell in the past. Generally comparisons are unreal and unfair. Societies were different, beliefs were different,
Of course, you can’t. Description gives a situation context. It locates your characters and story in a time and place.
‘I do I dooooo Iiiiiiii doo Mmmmmm I Arthur James Smethwick do take, hrmmmmm. I whatever do take Molly Rose
‘What are you doing?’ said Pooh. ‘I’m drawing a circle,’ said Eeyore. ‘I need to work out the diameter. What’s
Unless you have the most massive ego, you will inevitably be displeased by some things you write, especially early in
It’s probably of little interest to non-football followers, but Tottenham Hotspur were denied a victory because of a handball decision.
‘Fuck off, you bastard.’ She screamed the words at him. She spat them. If they’d been bullets he would be