I started work as a journalist when I left school to avoid university. It was an amazing education that taught me how to gather information, sort it into order and produce the required number of words against the clock. Court cases, council meetings, diamond weddings, football matches, elections, factory closures – on a local paper you do everything.

Then I moved to London and began to free-lance as well as hold down a production job. I soon realised I could earn almost twice as much if I took the pictures as well as writing the story.

As we all do, I moved on – through magazines, in-house public relations, advertising agencies and copy writing until I squeezed in a degree in English and Philosophy when I was 40. In the end I didn’t want to continue in advertising, so I retrained and taught secondary English before my career was diverted through illness.

It’s been a life rich in diversity that has also embraced poetry, plays, short stories and novels as well as the ubiquitous camera, be it a Praktica (remember them?), Pentax, Yashicamat or Canon.

Now it’s time to settle down and leave a few tips and ideas for those that follow in whatever digital format you deploy.